Here’s what Texas voters should know for the 2018 midterms

On Nov. 6, Texas voters will decide who will hold several statewide, legislative and congressional seats. To help Texans navigate Election Day, we’ve compiled an overview of everything you need to know about casting a ballot in the 2018 midterms. (And no, you still can’t take a selfie at the polls).

Whom do I get to vote for?

Your representatives

Aside from statewide races decided by all Texans, who you get to vote for depends on where you live. On the federal level, Texans are divided among 36 U.S. House districts. On the state level, your address determines your district — and who represents you — in the Texas House, the Texas Senate and on the State Board of Education. All U.S. House and Texas House districts are up for election this year, but only half of Texas Senate and State Board of Education seats are on the ballot.

If you share your address above, we can show you the 2018 general election candidates for each of your districts. Otherwise, you can view our roundup of all the candidates here.


Your statewide candidates

Fourteen of the races on all Texans’ general election ballots this year will be for statewide positions. This includes the race to decide who — in addition to John Cornyn — will represent the state in the U.S. Senate. Seven statewide races include executive positions such as governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general, and six are for the state’s two highest courts — the Supreme Court and the Court of Criminal Appeals.

U.S. Senate
D Beto O'Rourke
L Neal Dikeman
R Ted CruzIncumbent
D Lupe Valdez
L Mark Tippetts
R Greg AbbottIncumbent
Lieutenant Governor
D Mike Collier
L Kerry McKennon
R Dan PatrickIncumbent
Attorney General
D Justin Nelson
L Michael Ray Harris
R Ken PaxtonIncumbent
D Joi Chevalier
L Ben Sanders
R Glenn HegarIncumbent
Land Commissioner
D Miguel Suazo
L Matt Piña
R George P. BushIncumbent
Agriculture Commissioner
D Kim Olson
L Richard Carpenter
R Sid MillerIncumbent
Railroad Commissioner
D Roman McAllen
L Mike Wright
R Christi CraddickIncumbent
Texas Supreme Court, Place 2
D Steven Kirkland
R Jimmy BlacklockIncumbent
Texas Supreme Court, Place 4
D R.K. Sandill
R John DevineIncumbent
Texas Supreme Court, Place 6
D Kathy Cheng
R Jeff BrownIncumbent
Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 1
D Maria T. (Terri) Jackson
L William Bryan Strange III
R Sharon KellerIncumbent
Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 7
D Ramona Franklin
R Barbara Parker HerveyIncumbent
Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 8
L Mark Ash
R Michelle Slaughter

Your local candidates

You might have noticed that we’ve not said anything about elections for local positions such as sheriff. Because local elections are administered at the county level, there’s no statewide listing of all local races. The Texas secretary of state’s office maintains a list of county websites you can reference to learn more about what is on the ballot locally. Your local newspapers or TV stations might also have candidate listings.


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